Blume Athletics


Blume creates high quality athleisure wear that is handcrafted in America

in our own mills and factories and designed to make you feel good and
achieve your best.  We bridge the gap between athletic and leisure wear and
believe in the importance of creating products for everyone and every body
including options for women and men of all sizes, from petite to tall to
curvy and everything in between.  Blume is committed to giving back with a
focus on donating a portion of our proceeds to mental health initiatives.

At Blume, we believe in:
-Empowering every person along the way.  This starts with the workers
handcrafting the clothing and shoes in our own mills and factories in the
U.S. and moves through our ambassadors in cities across the country to our
customers who come to love our products.

-Creating and sustaining jobs in local communities across the U.S. that are
critical to the success of our nation’s economy.

-Designing, sourcing, and manufacturing within the communities where we all
live, work and play.

-Doing business in a way that is ethical and sustainable.

-Embracing innovation, talent, and creativity on a global scale by drawing
inspiration worldwide.

-Partnering with people who feel inspired to join our efforts and Blume
their entrepreneurial spirit.

-Fighting the stigma around mental illness by donating a portion of our
proceeds to organizations that impact people living with mental illness and
their families.  We believe this is such a pressing issue because 1 in 5
people will be affected by mental illness in their lifetime, yet this area
is historically underfunded and often not talked about.

-Human value, community, and the pioneering spirit above all.


-This year we will be expanding into Atlanta , Scottsdale , Las Vegas, Dc, Colorado.